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The place to Stand
The place to Eat
The place to Drink

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for the celebration 

We are currently booked up for events through Spring/Summer 2022


good food surrounded by good people

Join us for a meal, leave with a memorable experience


to good health and great times... ¡Salud!

City's best sangria, most over the top milkshakes, and finest wines.


What it means to Stand Eat Drink

To Stand Eat Drink is to bring life to a party. To find joy in the unexpected, to be the mis-fit in a crowded room. We want to share a drink, serve up a well-cooked and thoughtful meal, and get to know our neighbor. We're not quiet, we like the lights low and the energy high. So pull up a chair, find a barstool, or step up to the bar... come Stand Eat Drink.

Come Enhance Our Team

Every individual who applies brings something unique to the table, so be yourself. Come in with a hardworking and positive attitude, be open-minded, and be ready to grow as an individual and with us as a group


I want to join the team,
I would like to learn more!

Which position(s) are you interested in?

We will reach out shortly to find out more about what you can bring to the team!

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